Friday, 9 March 2012

Mac Foundation Dupe

Alot of you may already have heard about Revlon ColorStay foundation, but for those who haven't, it is a medium coverage that is easily buildable to full coverage, just like Mac Studio Fix Fluid.

Of course there is quite a big price difference though as Mac Studio Fix is £19.50 and Revlon Colorstay is £12.49. For a high street foundation, £12.49 is quite expensive but for the quality i think it is a really good price as it compares to MAC!

Obviously MAC comes in alot more colour shades than the Revlon foundation but I think Revlon still has quite a good range saying it is a high street foundation. In Mac Studio Fix I am in NC15 and an exact match for that colour in the Revlon Colorstay is 150 Buff. Although in the picture the Revlon one looks slightly darker it really isn't in real life.

The only difference I find is that Revlon Colorstay is slightly harder to work with than the Mac Studio Fix Fluid as it is a bit thicker.

They both have SPF 15 aswel which is always a plus! They also contain 30ml so your still getting the same amount of product (and quality) for a cheaper price (if you buy Revlon Colorstay.)

Also my last point is about the packaging. Both foundations come with a screw top lid which makes it really difficult and messy to keep pouring out the product, also making you pour out a bit too much. It's just lucky that MAC have a pump that you can buy separately that (i think) fit on most of their foundations!

So I really hope this helped some of you if you were looking for a good foundation but maybe can't afford MAC! Please comment and follow if you liked this post!
Thanks for reading!

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